Landing page design tips that can do tricks for you

All the business websites come with the sole objective of promoting products and services through whether pay-per-click ads or sending promo emails or newsletters. They encourage people to buy their products and services. In other words, the sole purpose is to increase conversion rate and then accordingly increase sales. In order to promote a website or a page through ads and newsletters, one needs to put links in them that lead targeted online visitors to the main website. They serve as a bridge between your online visitors and your main landing page or website. However, online visitors often get dissatisfied when they land on a page through a bridge and don’t find required info or useful info on it.


So, what one needs to consider creating an effective landing page design? Following is the most important info that you will need to create a better landing page design.

First, you need to lead and guide people to products or services or any other useful info that they want. If you are promoting and providing a number of products and services in one website, then you should quickly and straightforwardly guide the online visitors NOT to your homepage but to a particular page describes services and info that you want them to have. In this regard, a straightforward path from the advertisement for the products, services or essential info can effectively and quickly convert your online visitors into your potential clients and can considerably increase your conversion rates.


Always keep in mind that you don’t have to overdo or exaggerate your graphics and images, because this is a very unprofessional way and can cause your online audiences to quickly leave your page. However, you can overdo graphics and images to some extent if you are running a website for audio or video, real estate, or vacations tours, etc. Otherwise it is recommended to keep your graphics and images as simple as possible. You need to develop graphics and images that can easily load on any slow or average speed internet. An image with large size slows down the loading of the page, and your online visitors may close the page if your page doesn’t open in a few seconds. Nobody likes to wait too much, as one can find many other alternative sources to find their desired info.


Another very useful aspect to increase conversion rate is highlighting your essential contents and messages that you must want to deliver to your online visitors. You can make use of diverse fonts and color combinations to highlight the most valuable points or messages, but you should not use more than 2 or 3 font and colors for your landing page design as well as for your whole website. You can also put images near the message that you want to highlight. In this way, people will be more interested.

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