Why you need a separate landing page design

Ever website requires a home page or main page. A large number of online marketers usually ask this question that why one is required to come up with a separate landing page design for a website when they have very effectively working website. Another question that comes to mind is that why we cannot use the homepage as the landing page instead of making another page and spending so much time on that. As per today’s vibrant situation of the internet when you have to struggle for the promotion of your products and services in the immense competitive environment, a useful page is required to have a competitive edge over other competitors and make your landing page most flourishing and ahead of others in terms of quality and performance. Here I will demonstrate why we are required to have a separate page and which are the diverse conditions for making use of diverse landing pages.

Keep in mind that whole online and off page marketing are concerned about having a greater amount of traffic on the website. More the traffic on page more is the conversion rate. Once the visitors or customers land on a page, they are required to be completely involved in the page. They must be provided with a vivid sign of the purpose and the material on the page. What if they first land on a home page and not particularly created landing page. Homepage is usually created in a generic way and typically demonstrate about an organization. But the visitors or potential customers do not come with that intent, they have specific purpose which can be buying desired products or subscribing to any service. Therefore, a page that particularly describes people’s interest and encourages them to take a decision is always most useful and lucrative for a website or a business.

Just remember that the demands of the landing page design vary according to the different situations and competitive environment. The online visitors are directed towards your page through different sources such as blogs, articles, and social media networks; therefore, a different page is usually required where your targeted visitors will reach from those sources. It is recommended to have separate pages for targeted online visitors reaching from separate sources. In this way, you will be able to know efficiency of each source. Therefore, to accomplish landing page is continually a superior choice than normal home page.


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